News Release MobileWeb Launch

News Release MobileWeb Launch

Mt. Lehman, B.C. February 11, 2010 - Mt. Lehman Credit Union announced today the release of a mobile banking product. The MobileWeb interface allows users to experience internet banking on their iPhone, iPod Touch and Blackberry. This gives the user the mobile advantage to pay bills, transfer funds, review transactions, find a surcharge free ATM and look at current interest rates. The product works with both types of smartphones, the iPhone and Blackberry.

Gene Blishen, General Manager of Mt. Lehman Credit Union stated, "We saw an ever increasing need to have a workable interface on the iPhone and Blackberry. Mobile banking is the fastest growing channel for financial institutions."

MobileWeb is free and available Tuesday February 16, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

For additional information contact Dawn Collins at the branch 604-856-7761 or

Mt. Lehman Credit Union is a single branch credit union that has been at the same location for 67 years. They are the first credit union to offer real time alerts messaging to cell phones and email whenever an electronic transaction is completed. They are one of the only credit unions that use Macs for most everything.