MemberNote 10 Year Anniversary

Wednesday April 15, 2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of a unique and member valued product developed in-house at Mt. Lehman Credit Union.  The original concept was developed to help combat MemberCard skimming.  Whenever a member used their MemberCard, they would be sent a text and/or email notifying them of the transaction.

The later concept was a blue sky idea, "What if members could get an immediate text message whenever a transaction occurs in their account?"  From that single statement an idea grew from a group of credit union employees.  There was never any consideration that it couldn't be done, it was always trying to find the way to do it.  We were the first to develop and introduce it in North America.  We won the Innovation Award from Central 1 Credit Union in 2005.  There were a number of accolades that came our way but the most valued response was from the members who started using the product and took it to where it is today.  Given the status of mobile today it gave us a head start in developing this channel.  Over 25% of our membership now use this product on a daily basis.  One of the key benefits is that it gave us, the employees, an important understanding of what we could do.  It isn't often you can celebrate a product's decade of service and have the same pride as the day it was released.  From every view it has been a great experience having MemberNote.