Information & Technology


In late 1994 we decided to move forward in a trial to see if a stronger use and development of technology would be beneficial to our credit union. In 1995 we were the first (there is a large CU that may beg to differ) credit union in Canada to have a web site. That was the start of putting a workable technology strategy into place.

Since that time, we have established a framework of software, hardware and expertise that serves us in moving forward as a small but progressive credit union in the use of technology to solve the needs of the credit union and our membership. We have completed various programs that assist us in our internal operation and which were “firsts” in the credit union system. We have also introduced innovative products to the membership and the marketplace i.e. MemberNote.

We see the future as full of possibilities. Our promise is to make technology relevant to our members and to always have a human aspect as the strongest component in the product or service.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, our measure of success is in terms of the personal relationships we have with our membership, not market share, asset size or annual earnings. Our commitment is to our members. In the coming months, keep an eye on this area of our web site. There will be some unique and very interesting products introduced and some old products enhanced. And if it makes anyone’s task easier, then we have accomplished what we set out to do.