MemberTrak - (A Personal Financial Management Tool with Real-Time Budget Alerts)

MemberTrak is a Personal Financial Management Tool that sends you a budget alert in real-time as soon as a transaction occurs on your account.

Log into MemberTrak using your Mount Lehman Credit Union online banking account number and Personal Access Code (PAC). You can then set up budgets in seven different categories (Groceries, Entertainment, Dining, Transportatoin, Utilities, Household and Other).  When setting up your budget, you can select an Alert Contact for each of the categories to receive a budget alert by text message and/or email in real-time, as soon as a transaction happens on your account.  This budget alert lets you know how much you have spent in the specific budget category.  Alerting you even before you leave the store with  your pruchase.

MemberTrak allows you to:

  •   Generate budgets or spending targets
  •   Receive Alerts immediatley in real-time as soon as the transaction happens on your account, notifying you where you are at in that budget
  •   Create sub-categories
  •   Categorize Transactions
  •   Track Spending
  •   View monthly calendar spending trends
  •   Review previous months history
  •   Manually add 'expenses' or 'deposits' for those cash transactions
  •   It's mobile!  Optimized version for SmartPhone, iPad or Tablet
  •   Upload your other Financial Insitutions Statements into MemberTrak using 'ofx' or 'Quicken' format 

Get a handle on your spending Try MemberTrak today!



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