MemberNote3 Alerts

Seven years ago Mt. Lehman Credit Union developed an in-house software product that sends text message +/or an email when your plastic debit card (MEMBER CARD®) is used.  The newest version (MemberNote3) will send you similar messages when almost anything happens on your account.

This is the most robust alert system available anywhere. But we have saved the best for last. These alerts are in real time. You receive the message when it happens, not 10 or 15 minutes later. MemberNote3 uses a 'push' technology which sends the message immediately. We believe this is a huge factor when using alerts and is one of the main reasons we are a leader in this field. And before we forget, the service is free. There is no charge from us.

Here are a few of the"new" alert types that you can choose to receive:

Security Alerts

  • Your telephone banking or internet banking Personal Access Code (PAC) is changed
  • Your online banking account is lockedd after the maximum number of login attempts
  • When a balance inquiry is made at an ATM

Account Activity

  • Electronic credits/payroll is deposited
  • ATM deposits, transfers and any other type of deposit is made to your account
  • A cheque or pre-authorized debit has been transacted on your account
  • Bill payments, transfers, ATM withdrawals, point of sale or any other type of debit has been transacted on your account


  • Your balance daily,weekly or monthly
  • When your balance drops below a threshold you specify
  • When your accounts is overdrawn


  • Scheduled transfer,future dated bill payment or MLCU loan/mortgage payment may fail due to lack of funds in your account
  • Scheduled transfer,future dated bill payment or MLCU loan/mortgage payment has failed
  • New bill payment payee is added to your account


  • Loan/mortgage paymes is coming due
  • Loan/mortgage is coming due for renewal


  • Term deposit, RRSP or RRIF are maturing

Member Services

  • Notification or important incidents such as the interruption/restoration of MEMBER CARD® services and other special events like our BBQ's and the AGM
  • Reminds you near the date that your safety deposit box fee is due

As you can see there are a lot of alerts available. The beauty of this system is that you can choose which ones you want. Trying them all is simple with a few clicks. You can then refine which ones are most important for you. You control the alerts through our MemberDirect® Internet banking product.

So if you see something you like in this list, such as an immediate notice when your payroll has been deposited or when  your account balance has gone below the amount you think is comfortable, then open an account with us and try it out. We believe our products and services should be what you want. That is why we believe being small is really beautiful.

To learn more about MemberNote3, call us at 604-856-7761.