Mobile Banking - TextUs

Mobile Banking - TextUs

Have you ever found yourself standing in line waiting to purchase that new gadget or item of clothing, and wondered, “Should I use my debit card? Will my payment go through?” Well, wonder no more – Mobile Banking - TextUs puts all your account information at your fingertips – whenever you want it, wherever you want it. It’s simple, it’s 24/7, and it’s available for most mobile phones* that support text messaging.

Whether you want to know your Account Balance or view your Recent Transaction History, with Mobile Banking - TextUs your personal and financial information is kept safe.

With Mobile Banking - TextUs you can:

  • View your Account Balance(s).
  • View your Recent Transaction History.
  • Add, remove, or edit a mobile phone.
  • Add, remove, or edit the accounts you view through Mobile Banking - TextUs.

Interested in giving Mobile Banking - TextUs a try? To get started, grab your mobile phone and click here. It’ll only take a few minutes.

*To use Mobile Banking - TextUs, your mobile phone must support text messaging. Rates and accessibility will depend on your phone and your carrier (e.g. Telus, Rogers). Please check with your carrier for more information on fees.